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Bilingual SLP: Là tu parles!


By becoming a communications specialist, you can play a crucial role in the healthcare field.

This program is available in French only.

Discover the world of communication and the impact of words by choosing the four-year Baccalauréat en sciences de la santé en orthophonie (B.Sc.S. [orthophonie]). Focused on both theory and clinical practice, this program makes connections between the fields of linguistics, psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology, education, and biomedical sciences.

In the classroom, you learn to think like a speech-language pathologist by exploring the role of communication and swallowing in everyday life, multilingualism and multiculturalism issues, and assessment and intervention of communication disorders.

In the laboratory and simulation rooms, you practise being a speech-language pathologist in an immersive learning environment, while in the University Speech and Language Clinic, you can observe assessment and therapy sessions. In your fourth year of study, you can complete a research project and work with a speech therapist to better understand the scope of practice.

Since some courses and most of the readings are in English, you benefit from a bilingual education, allowing you to work in both English and French.

Moreover, this is not a limited enrolment program – all eligible students can register.

After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, students can pursue a Maîtrise en orthophonie (Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology) to become a speech-language pathologist or a master’s degree in another health or education field.

If you are passionate about helping others and want to directly impact people’s lives, speech-language pathology may be the career for you. Apply today!

This program is supported by the Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS).

For more information about the program, visit the French page.

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Key Features

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After earning your bachelor’s degree, you can apply to a master’s program in rehabilitation sciences, such as speech pathology, audiology, occupational therapy and physical therapy.
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You will benefit from experiential learning in the classroom and laboratory.
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Small class sizes allow you to receive individualized academic attention.

Career Opportunities

The Baccalauréat en orthophonie program prepares you for graduate studies, namely the Maîtrise en orthophonie, a master’s degree in audiology or another profession in rehabilitation sciences. It can also prepare you for an array of careers:

  • Speech therapy assistant
  • Communicative Disorders Assistant
  • Teaching assistant (language and communication)
  • Health administrative assistant
  • Health or education project officer
  • Community health coordinator
  • Special education facilitator
Julia Bond, M.Sc.S. student (orthophonie)

Julia Bond, M.Sc.S. student (orthophonie)

I am incredibly happy to have chosen to pursue not only my bachelor’s but also my master’s degree at Laurentian University. The bachelor’s program allowed me to strengthen my passion for speech therapy before moving toward the master’s degree. In addition, the professors in this program always go above and beyond for their students. I loved the bilingual nature of the program since I was able to learn about speech therapy simultaneously in French and English.

Julia Bond, M.Sc.S. student (orthophonie)

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