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Restoration Biology

Restore the health and vitality of our planet, one ecosystem at a time.


Pursue a fulfilling career enhancing ecosystems and protecting them from further harm in Northern Ontario and around the globe.

Today's changing climate, decline in global biodiversity, ecosystem health, and ecosystem recovery are major environmental and social challenges leading to a demand for biologists with knowledge and skills in restoration.

Graduates are prepared for graduate school, teaching, government services, environmental consulting, non-governmental conservation agencies, mining companies and other sectors seeking to restore the environment. 

Gain hands-on experience through field investigations in Greater Sudbury, a city which plays an international role as a center for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem recovery and restoration.

Key Features

Global biodiversity and ecosystem health are of supreme importance: ecologists with knowledge and skills in conservation and restoration are in demand
Includes courses in plant, animal and soil ecology, freshwater ecology and bioclimatology
As a mining and smelting centre, Sudbury is an appropriate setting for the study of environmental degradation and rehabilitation, and outlying areas allow the study of sustainable forestry

Career Opportunities

Graduates of specialization in Restoration Biology are being employed by environmental consulting companies, federal and provincial ministries, graduate studies, mining companies, nongovernmental conservation agencies, etc. the option also gives a solid background to start graduate studies.

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