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Follow the beat of your own drum.


Develop your creativity and perform, teach, compose, and communicate with others through music.

The program in Music offers a low student/teacher ratio that allows for personal attention, development and growth, nurtured by a dedicated faculty.

It may be taken concurrently with a Bachelor of Education. There are many opportunities to participate in ensembles and other performance activities such as the Laurentian University Choir, Laurentian Concert Band, Laurentian Jazz Combo, Sudbury Jazz Festival, and Sudbury Studio Singers, among others. Preparatory courses in performance and theory are available.

There are opportunities to study conducting and methods for various instruments. The major in Music Studies does not require an audition.

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Key Features

Benefit from a low student to teacher ratio and small class sizes, access to personal attention from a faculty dedicated to the development and growth of students
Preparatory courses in performance and theory are available
A comfortable atmosphere great for networking with other musicians

Career Opportunities

Elementary or secondary school teaching, conservatory of music teaching, private music studio owner or teacher, music librarian, professional performer (singer, pianist, accompanist, guitarist, orchestral or jazz musician), conductor, church music director, composer, music administrator or manager, orchestra manager, music arranger, musical instrument repair person, musicologist, ethnomusicologist, college music instructor, university music professor, piano technician, acoustic designer/technician, copyright specialist, disc jockey, engineer/mixer, film music editor, music attorney, music critic, music producer or promoter, music software developer, recording engineer, sound technician, or theatre music director.

Erica Holman

I love Laurentian University and I am so glad I chose to come here. The campus is small and it's easy to get to each class. The time I've spent here has been the best four years I could have asked for. The music program is small and you can really get to know your professors. There are also a variety of interesting classes to take. You can learn about music history, how to compose, and even learn how to play new instruments! There are also many performance opportunities available through the LU Concert Band, LU Choir, and Jazz Combo, and I've even had the opportunity to play with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. I'd definitely recommend this school and program, the experience is so unique.

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