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Nahid Golafshani

Nahid Golafshani

Assistant Professor, School of Education
School of Education
Faculty of Education and Health


Welcome to my home page

I am specialized in math education. I am currently teaching an undergraduate course, Mathematics Content Review for Teachers, Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate Mathematics Curriculum, Teaching and Learning methods.

My research areas include Multicultural teaching and learning, Mathmatics teachers' beliefs, Teaching Mathematics with manipulatives, and Mixed research methodologies. 


  • BA. Hons,  Mathematics, California State University, Chico, U.S.A.
  • MSc,  Mathematics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, U.S.A.
  • PhD. Curriculum, Teaching and Learing, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada
  • Ontario, Teaching Certificate

Academic Appointments

Assisstant Professor, Faculty of Education



  • A certificate of appreciation by the schools for two PDA workshops 2016
  • A certificate of appreciation by The Clute Institute for presenting in the conference 2014
  • A book signed by the pro-year students has been presented to me 2013
  • A book signed by the pro-year students has been presented to me 2009
  • Recognition Award: Workshop for teachers in OAME Annual conference 2008
  • Recognition Award: Workshop for teachers in OAME Annual conference 2006
  • Recognition Award – Principal researcher in the Lighthouse project for the Ontario Ministry of Education for North Eastern Ontario
  • 2005-Laurentian University Research Fund $4000
  • 2002: Scholarship Award - OISE/University of Toronto $2000. 1997: Professional Award – Alzahra University, Middle East. 1997: Instructional Award – Hoda High school, Middle East. 1990:Dean’sHonour List Award - California State University, Chico 1982: Dean’s Honour List Award – California State University, Hayward. 1982: Membership Awards – California State University, Chico.


  • EDUC 4142 Mathematics Education PJ
  • EDUC 4242 Mathematics Education JI
  • EDUC 4236 Mathematics Teachable subject
  • EDUC 3026 Math Content Review for Teachers
  • EDUC 4171 and EDUC 4172 PJ field Supervision
  • EDUC 4271 abd EDUC 4272 JI Field supervision



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  • Golafshani, Nahid (2013).Teachers’ Beliefs andTeaching Mathematics with Manipulatives. Canadian Journal of Education, 36(3), 1-24
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  • Golafshani, N. (Spring 2002). Identity Formation through Second Language Learning: A Journey through Narrative. EMME, Vol 1, No.4.