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James Bowen

James Bowen

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At age 13 he developed his first computerized video game and at age 21 and while still in undergraduate university James co-founded a software company. Over the next 20 years he and his co-founders grew an international client base. His management experience has covered all aspects of an organization including operations, business development, product development, project delivery and strategy. His technology experience included software development and consulting with a broad range of technologies. His customer experience included government, military, industry, nonprofit and educational institutions throughout North America and in some parts of the rest of the world.

Dr. Bowen has been interviewed on the internet, radio, magazine, T.V. and newspaper both in North America and Europe. His twitter account is on several curated lists. He has given presentations or seminars on technology and business insights. He was the sole author of two books discussing the creation and growth of high-tech product companies. He published his third book “The Entrepreneurial Effect”, which drew upon his wide network of entrepreneurs in a collaborative approach, focused on lessons learned from entrepreneurs and investors. The second in the series was published in 2011. His 5th book discussing investing was published in 2020. He completed a short augmentation book his of 5h book which is his second book on investing in 2021. His next book is a handbook of measures for individual’s to increase their online security and privacy and was published in 2022.

He is or has been associated with 12 universities including 4 in Europe where he teaches MBAs over 12 subject areas including: technology, leadership, marketing, supply chain management, project management, entrepreneurship and strategy. In the last 19 years, he has taught over 500 courses to 20,000 students.

His volunteer work includes his city’s technology industry development agency’s Innovation Leadership Team. He is founding Chair of the Startup Canada Awards and he has worked on a joint United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Global Cleantech Innovation Competition as an international advisor. He wrote, for three years, the monthly theme article discussing the technology industry and its management issues for a technology industry newspaper. He did participate as an expert advisor on Startup Canada’s Startup Twitter Chats, a twice a week that each receives 7-10 million impressions.

He is active with technology companies and investors and regularly provides advice to technology companies, he has been on the board of mentors of start-up incubators. He was a member of a Swiss thinktank focused on the technological future of work and talent. In 2021, one of the companies (MemoryOS) that he is an advisor with, obtained the highest amount ever raised on Kickstarter1.

He is the inventor of an underwater localization system using passive sonar, a task management system, an archaeological object localization system that uses ultrasonic and infrared, and 3 learning simulation games.


PhD Carleton University, PMP