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Eduard Guerra

Eduard Guerra

Associate Professor, Bharti School of Engineering & Computat
Bharti School of Engineering and Computation
Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-225B, Science Building


Originally from the Sudbury area, Eduard is a graduate of Laurentian's Engineering program (Extractive Metallurgical Engineering, 1993). He obtained M.A.Sc. (1997) and Ph.D. (2003) degrees from the University of British Columbia in the Department of Metals and Materials Engineering. In between his graduate degrees, and prior to joining the faculty of the Bharti School of Engineering, he worked for several years in both industrial research and operations.


  • Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
  • M.A.Sc. (University of British Columbia)
  • B. Eng. (Laurentian University)
  • B.Sc. (Laurentian University)


Dr. Guerra's field of expertise can be broadly categorized as hydrometallurgy. He is primarily interested in reducing the energy requirements and environmental impacts of metal production. Currently, he is working on an alternative method to destroy cyanide from gold mill effluents using an electrolytic cell equipped with manganese dioxide coated anodes.  He recently supervised a Ph.D. project that led to the development (and patenting) of a technology to produce activated carbon coated polystyrene beads as an alternative gold cyanide adsorbent to pure activated carbon.  A great deal of this past research focussed largely on examining reusable solid catalysts to provide high reaction rates while reducing acid generation during pressure oxidation of sulfide minerals.  Another notable past project involved research into the use of a group of relatively nontoxic sulfur containing organics (often used as pharmaceuticals to treat heavy poisoning) to improve the performance of thiosulfate leaching of gold.


Selected Journal Articles:

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of polytetrafluoroethylene beads. Hydrometallurgy. 157: 340-347.

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Selected Conference Papers:

Hume S, Guerra E, Shepherd J, Choi Y. (2015). The effect of DMSA addition on the performanceof thiosulfate leaching of gold. COM 2015 the Conference of Metallurgist Proceedings. COM 2015, Toronto, Canada (1-11). Metallurgical Society of CIM, Canada.

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Guerra E, Kelsall G, Li G. (2001). Model of local potentials and reactions at electrode/electrolyte/air
interfaces in zinc electrowinning reactors. Electrometallurgy 2001. 40th Annual Conference of Metallurgists
of CIM (COM 2001), Toronto, Canada (349-360).