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Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

Associate Librarian, Library & Archives
Library and Archives


Dan Scott has been a systems librarian at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario since 2006. He contributes to a number of open source efforts, such as the Evergreen library system, PHP's File_MARC module, the Fedora Linux distribution, and the Mozilla Developer Network. In the interests of building a local software development community, he founded the Google Developer Group (Sudbury) in 2012. As of 2016, Dan is the Past-President of the Ontario Library Information Technology Association. His research interests include publishing and transformed linked & structured open data and integrating open source software and methodology into academic institutions. And he enjoys hitting the trails in Sudbury (on either his mountain bike or cross country skis) from time to time. 


  • B.A. (Honours) English & Philosophy, Laurentian University
  • Master of Information Studies, University of Toronto

On The Web


  • Free/libre/open source software and open standards development, with a focus on adoption in educational institutions.
  • Publishing and consuming linked open data and structured data on the web, with a focus on bibliographic data and library systems.




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