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Abdelwahab Omri

Abdelwahab Omri

Full Professor, School of Natural Sciences
School of Natural Sciences
Science, Engineering and Architecture
S-416, Science Building


Dr Omri is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with a cross appointment to the Department of Biology, the Biomolecular Sciences PhD Programme, School of Rural and Northern Health PhD. He has been active in the vaccine and drug delivery field for over 20 years, and has made important contributions to the development of liposomes and nanomedicines for anti-infective drugs. He has over 150 peer-reviewed publications and is an inventor on 3 patents. He is frequently an invited speaker at national and international conferences. In addition to research, Dr. Omri is actively involved in the research training of both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Omri has served in administrative capacities in several national and international scientific societies. He has served on a number of Editorial Boards and Granting Agencies in Canada and abroad. He was an Academic Colleague to the Council of Ontario Universities for 2 terms.


  • Pharm B
  • MSc
  • PhD

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Lipid-based drug and vaccine delivery systems

 Liposomes are one of the most versatile biochemical tools. They are microscopic, spherical closed vesicles composed of one or more lipid bilayer that form when phospholipids are hydrated. Hydrophilic molecules can be incorporated into the aqueous compartment and lipophilic molecules can be encapsulated in the lipid bilayers. Liposomes by themselves are considered nonimmunogenic, biodegradable and nontoxic. They have been utilized in numerous biomedical applications including gene therapy, for delivery of drugs and vaccines, cancer imaging agents and cosmetics. Liposomes have the capability to incorporate selected bioactive biologicals and adjuvant molecules and potentiate their efficacy and minimize their toxicity. They do this by beneficially altering the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of the molecule in the body following its administra-tion through various routes of delivery.

My research program is centered on the design, formulation, development and characterization of drug and vaccine delivery systems; particularly those based on liposomes. A special focus on the site-specific targeting, controlled release, drug resistance, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, metabolism and toxicity of free and liposome-encapsulated biological active agents.

Research Interests

1. Liposomal delivery of antisense oligonucleotides. Effect on P-glycoprotein function in multidrug resistant cells in vitro and in vivo studies. Cationic liposome formulations are used to promote the penetration of antisense oligonucleotides into the cell membrane and protect them from enzymatic degradation (nucleases).

2. Liposomal delivery of antimicrobial agents towards resistant bacterial pathogens: pulmonary and systemic infections. Construction of liposomes with high encapsulation efficiency, favorable antimicrobial release profile and enhanced bactericidal activity, to overcome the problem of bacterial resistance caused by low permeability of the bacterial cell envelope and by production of antimicrobial-inactivating enzymes.

3. Liposomal formulations of drugs and vaccine for oral delivery. Liposomes are used to protect the encapsulated agents from the harsh gastrointestinal milieu (low pH, phospholipases, and bile salts) and to enhance their absorption to the systemic circulation and to increase the efficacy of these agents while minimizing their frequency of administration. Special liposomal formulation will be prepared, characterized and assayed for their efficacy in vitro and in animal models.


  • Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
  •  Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy
  •  Molecules MDPI
  • Pharmaceuticals MDPI
  • Materials MDPI
  • Antibiotics MDPI
  •  BioMed Research International
  • Journal of Nanomaterials
  • European Journal of Chemistry
  • The Natural Products Journal
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Drug Research
  • Oriental Journal of Chemistry
  • Recent Advances in Drug Delivery and Formulation
  • Drug Delivery


  • CHMI 3226 FL  Biochimie II – Biochimie métabolique
  • CHMI 3226 EL  Biochemistry II – Metabolic Biochemistry
  • CHMI 3217 FL Biochimie des acides nucléiques
  • CHMI 3257 EL Principles of  Pharmcology 
  • CHMI 4287/5287 EL Biochemical Toxicology
  • CHMI-4446 EL Drug Design and Development

Courses taught:

  • CHMI 2227 EL Biochemistry I- Structural Biochemistry
  • CHMI 2227 FL Biochimie I- Biochimie structurale
  • CHMI 3217 EL Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
  • CHMI 3217 FL Biochimie des acides nucléiques
  • CHMI 3226 FL  Biochimie II – Biochimie métabolique
  • CHMI 3226 EL  Biochemistry II – Metabolic Biochemistry
  • CHMI 3257 EL Principles of  Pharmcology 
  • CHMI 4216 EL Advanced Biochemistry (Molecular biology)
  • CHMI 4216 FL Biochmie avancée (Biologie moléculaire)
  • CHMI 4236 FL Biotechnologie pharmaceutique
  • CHMI 4287/5287 EL Biochemical Toxicology
  • CHMI 4297 EL Biochemistry-immune system 
  • CHMI 4615 EL Seminars (4th year thesis coordinator)
  • CHMI 4615 FL Seminars (4th year thesis coordinator)-
  • CHMI 5606 EL Seminars (Master coordinator)
  • CHMI 5606 FL Seminars (Master coordinator)
  • BMOL 6106 EL Adv. Topics in Cell Regulation (PhD. course coordinator)
  • MIDW 2406 EL Pharmacotherapy
  • SFEM 2406 FL Pharmacologie & Thérapeutique 


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