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Join us for Parent Night on February 1st and 2nd. At this hybrid event, you'll learn how to support your applicant through their journey to Laurentian!

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Laurentian University’s application tips for new students

Remove the stress and explore Laurentian University by reading, participating in information sessions and coming for campus tours. You’ll find out why so many choose Laurentian to shape their future! 

Laurentian Admissions For 2022

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Choosing the right university is a big decision - and one of the best ways of finding out what’s right for you is by participating in events and campus tours. If you’re thinking about applying to Laurentian University for September 2022, join us for a variety of presentations where we discuss our programs, financial options, housing, and more. Explore and register below.

Passport - Grade 11

Primarily geared towards Grade 11 students, Laurentian’s Passport presentation walks students through skill building, goal setting and prepares them for the year ahead. While this is primarily geared towards University bound students, all post-secondary streamed students can take something away from this.

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POST SEC 11 - Parents Grade 11

An initiative to support our Passport presentation, the Parent Night - Grade 11 is designed to start members of a students’ support team (parents, Guardians, Family members, friends) thinking about how they can best support their student.


Chapter 1: Your starting point
We introduce your go-to resources for the year ahead, followed by an overview of Laurentian University.


Chapter 2: Understanding Admissions
Your live Admissions & How-to-Apply session and helpline.


Chapter 3: Finance your Education
A session dedicated to planning your post-secondary finances.


Chapter 4: Meet the Laurentian Team

Meet your Laurentian team to review and discuss the path ahead of you with those there to help you!


Chapter 5: You and your Offer
Have you been accepted to Laurentian? If yes, we encourage you to join us for Post-Sec 12: You and Your Offer! Participate in this presentation with our Liaison staff where you will learn more about your offer and take the next steps with your application.

Individualized School visits - Virtual

Typically offered in your school, Grade 12 University information Presentations have been modified to meet your academic needs. This presentation covers important themes, general information and the many choices required for a student to confidently apply to University. The session usually lasts 45 minutes followed by a 15 minutes Q&A

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Our Staff

The Liaison team is here to help with any questions.